Lonesome River Blues

Lonesome River Blues

1. On Your Lonesome

lo your lone is some lonesome
it’s so low it’s your sum of alone
loaned to low and you the only one
who owns this lonesome only holding
low to its own lone debt to selfhood

that’s some lone solo owned by one
who loans it to the only self he moans
go moan for man and while you’re at it Jack
own the loan you moaned to the bone
that took you low and lonesome to the stone
you threw to the only lonely you’d foreknown
when the seed of alone was blowing home

2. Going Home

when I lay my going home burden down
I be saying laying is a good home for burdens
to lay their going like homing pigeons flying
without burdens just messages of downhome blues
seems alright to lay with words I know the home of
just dont forget to hone in on what’s going on
in that unburdened home of going it alone

3. Down By the River

down get down so low down with no up
it’s so down down by the bye bye birdie
byways trodden down by christ by gone
days down by the river river run downriver
by the downy banks of the river’s bye bye
flowing down biding time in that sweet by
and by the running river of downy goodbyes
getting down soaked and flowing with the drowned
down below the river’s by the byways where
we end up drinking those riverflowing blues


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