Aging cynic, skeptic and all around critic of the status quo that I am, I think the single wisest response to life is gratitude. An objectless gratitude, a sense of gratitude, a heart filled with thanks for the gift of life as well as life’s multifarious gifts. For consciousness itself.

As gratitude seems the most spiritual-conscious response to life, so utilizing imagination seems the best methodology for a fulfilled life. In fact, imagination is what rules the world, the human species.

As imagination becomes more vital, experience becomes more real. Furthermore, experience has no monopoly on, nor does it solely depend upon, the material world. The apparent irony or contradiction is done away with when we realize that fantasy and reality are one. They are one functionally as well as metaphysically.

Imagination is the kernel of consciousness. If anything makes consciousness eternal—if indeed there is anything eternal about consciousness—it is imagination.

When I say the goal of my life is the refinement or expansion of consciousness, I mean at the same time it is the exercise of imagination. For as the exercising, the vitalizing of imagination goes in my life, so go the addressing of my desires and my sense of fulfillment. And so go the success, delight and joy of my being in this world, both for myself and, hopefully, others.

Gratitude and imagination, the double prongs of mature spirituality-consciousness, are jumping off points for a new chapter of heightened creativity. A starting gun for a new lap around the race track (not that it’s a race) of ecstasy and inspiration and the achievements, however mundane or magical, that will come of them.