Imagine waking up one morning to realize that your brain is operating at optimum capacity. No longer are heart and head at odds for you have understood to the point of praxis their harmony.  All confusions and neuroses are absorbed into a sensate understanding so great that it transforms these into intelligence and creativity in a flash.

You are consciousness entire. You encompass all you previously feared, suppressed, avoided, misunderstood, dissed or rejected, even the illusions and delusions you feel you have seen through. Not that you have become a champion for what is not natural to you, but you are content to let it breathe the same air as you, exist on the metaphysical terms that you do. All you consider other is both other and self—self itself one and other.

All is realization. There is no difference between imagination and what you apprehend by sense. Nonbeing is being and vice versa. Ontologically, you are all things, perceive all things, think all things, encompass all things. Again, to say you absorb or assimilate all things is not to say you lose an iota of your individuality. It is rather to admit that all things being within your purview and comprehension, you have achieved a mystical union with and empathy for all you have or ever will come in contact with, even things and ideas not to your taste.

Comprehension is equally mental and physical, sensuous and spiritual. Being itself is as much a matter of understanding as it is of identification, as compassionate as it is discriminating, as unperturbed as it is intensely involved in the project of living. That involvement is awareness and excludes nothing that impinges on it. Awareness is synonymous with consciousness: equally intuition and rational understanding. Which is synonymous with firing on all cylinders. Burning in all fires, seeing by the light of all that burns and is burning on the wick of one candle. The candle is you throwing light on all that throws light on you—encompassing the shadows which are of a piece with the light.

It is the light of intelligence, esthetic appreciation and spiritual variegation. Nothing that exists excluded from your confession of existence for you have woken to the realization that all is mind.

Admittedly, I’ve painted an ideal picture which, since I am an imperfect human being not yet fully awake, I can imagine but have not painted on the canvas of my own consciousness. I have not myself grasped in a fully effective way the truth that all is mind; but those who have are likely operating at their brain’s optimum capacity.