If you are reading this, it is not only because you are able to do so but that doing so interests you. Not to mention you have done the author the honor of listening to him. Even if you are reading in a trance (hypnotic or otherwise) the point holds, if only as a pose. But what does your attitude (toward reading) matter? All that matters is you appear to be paying attention, and probably are.

What is and what appears to be share a common parentage: metaphysics married to praxis. The home of this marriage is reality. To borrow Sartre’s existentialist formula, existence is the mother, essence the father. Existence, mother of all (the Tao) brings forth. And essence, the indwelling spirit that sired what was brought forth, keeps siring it by continually impregnating existence. She in turn, ever fecund, continually bears new being. Thus reality is a fruitful home, always multiplying.

By reading this you create a reality within a reality. You bring forth the appearance of reading couched in the eternal, immutable act of reading. Such reality evokes not just Plato’s forms but the common sense of a mystical apprehension, often inaccessible to us on account of our egos and their machinations, their tendency to create false boundaries. It doesnt seem true on a practical or pragmatic level, yet on that very level is so more surely than our senses can verify.

If you are reading this, you are, thanks to the essence that is continually you and the existence that continually brings you forth, by implication and by fact both a mystic and a man or woman of ordinary consciousness. I didnt say your ego identity is, I said you are, essentially and existentially before all your proud or humble pronouncements about yourself. I am speaking of the you who exists in the guise of what you were before your parents were born—both your physical and your metaphysical parents.

The you who are reading this . . .